Siglinde's Arts

About Me And My Friends

Siglinde Harfnerstochter (OL) is a 6th C Merovingian housewife from the city of Metz. Her primary interests are cooking and textile arts, but she also is interested in music, entertaining children, and keeping her house clean. Depending on her mood, Siglinde occasionally morphs into a 14th C housewife from the city of Metz. Unsurprisingly, not much changed for housewives during the intervening 800 years, so her interests remain unchanged.

Siglinde has been a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism since 1983. She hails from the canton of Caldrithig, Barony of Skraeling Althing, in the Kingdom of Ealdormere.

Siglinde has several apprentices who have decided to take on this challenge as well: Posadnitsa Xristina Viaceslavova and Lady Eluned ferch Angor.


Posadnitsa Xristina Viaceslavova lives in the city of Kiev during the time of the Grand Prince Vladimir (she has yet to figure out if it's the 10th C one or the 12th C one).  Her interests include a great many things but she tries to focus it to textiles, medical practices, education and keeping her retainers under control. She is also very interested in other cultures, specifically Byzantine and Norman and is willing to learn whatever she can about them. 

Xristina has been in the SCA since 1990 starting in the Barony of Castel Rouge (and still has strong ties to her home) in what is now the Kingdom of Northshield. She has been playing in the Barony of Skraeling Althing in the Kingdom of Ealdormere since 1993.


 Eluned ferch Angor is a resident of the small community protected by Castell Nanhyfer in South-West Wales in the early 12th Century.  Life within the bailey of the castle included a small plot of farming, cooking, sewing, knitting, making various uses of wool and other
household tasks.  Elund is interested in learning new skills in fibre arts such as spinning, weaving, and dying.  She is also interested in bone and antler carving along with improving the skills already known and expanding the development of her persona in the SCA.

Eluned first attended an event with the SCA in 1994 which was followed by many years of sporadic participation until early in 2008 when she returned and stayed as an active member within the Barony of Skraeling Althing.